Friday, September 18, 2009

Girlie Board

Girlie Board

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I'm imagining that phrase recited by California's governor :-). I watched this young woman skating at the bowl with friends one evening. I was admiring her ankle tatt when she turned her board slightly and I noticed a motif on the deck bottom inspired by Where the Wild Things Are. I looked up the artwork and found that it is sk8tr icon Benji Galloway's face instead of Maurice Sendak's Max on this wild thing, and that Golloway's name has been covered over by a painted heart at the bottom. Usually I see things like skulls on boards like this. It had a bright pink nose on top, too. :-) A few more shots of this skater and other in action are at More Seattle Stuff. So, were you a child raised on Where the Wild Things Are, and will you be going to see the Spike Jonze film version next month?


Noxalio said...

A very nice shot this is!!

Bibi said...

I would buy a skateboard like that if I skate-boarded. I love Sendak's artwork. Read the book to my kids, but they never cared much for the story!

brattcat said...

My daughters loved Max and the wild rumpus and had quite a few wild rumpuses of their own. I think we all need a wild rumpus from time to time.

Tara said...

I was raised on WTWTA and I am going to read the picturebook to my 10th graders on the day the movie comes out! I hope Jonze doesn't disappoint.

The Elephant's Trunk said...

I'm CRAZY about this shot.
I adore the story and I love that something so innocent is represented on something slightly counter-culture.