Saturday, September 19, 2009

Solar Trash Compactors Now on 3rd Ave

Solar Trash Compactor

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I noticed something new on a recent downtown walk. The Metropolitan Improvement District has installed 20 "Big Belly" solar powered trash compactors along 3rd Ave between University Ave and Stewart. How cool is that! But, the MID cleaning folks have their work cut out for them in educating the public about their use. People just aren't getting it. Rather than place trash in the new compactors, folks seem to be tossing trash along with recyclables into the recycling bins. Maybe better signage would help, like a big TRASH label painted just above the compactor's opening. The MID keeps downtown clean and provides helpful foot and bike safety patrols for downtown visitors and businesses. I showed you this photo of one of their ranks here in this November 2006 photo.


Don and Krise said...

I read about these recently. I think they're a great idea. Let's have more of them.

brattcat said...

You really live in a fabulous city, Kim! I'm sure people will catch on eventually. Until then let's just award the MID a big medal for their patience.

Wayne said...

We've had them as a test on Cambie St.for about a year now. I notice that they are turning up in other parts of town now so it could be that they are working out OK.

Kim said...

Don and Krise, They do seem like a good idea to reduce the amount of times they need emptying and that they are stand alone solar powered units. These were funded by a downtown business group in a limited area, but in concentration. I think cities will have to farm their ownership and maintenance to contractor providers, though, as they seem fairly expensive.

Brattcat, you are probably right. With curbside recycling at home, most Seattlites are aware of how to separate tossed items.

Wayne, I hadn't heard of them up your way. Do you know if Vancouver bought them or has hired a contractor who owns and maintains them? Philadelphia recently started using them, too.

Thanks everyone!