Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Curved & Linear with Scary Face

Curved & Linear
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So here's something mundane that on closer look can be a little spooky. I came upon a very handsome grouping of potted plants on a terrace outside this downtown high rise. When uploading this shot the reflections on the large pot morphed in my vision to produce a glaring face and a small worried looking skull. Power of suggestion with Halloween nearly here, I'm sure :-) What do you see? It's not just our flower pots that seem haunted this time of year. Did you know Seattle is famous for its ghost tours? There is one in Pike Place Market that highlights the long tradition of sightings of Chief Sealth's daughter Princess Angeline walking about, and I've heard of folks taking the Capitol Hill Ghost Tour to check out reports of Capital Hill's creaking 1920s era women's club building, converted to an art house movie theater in the 1970's called the Harvard Exit (just across Roy St. from Joe Bar, the DAR and Cornish College) being an active haunt.


Bibi said...

This reminds me of those stories you hear of people photographing someone or something and a ghostly figure shows up in the photo....brrrr. I would love to take the ghost tour, and I also want to do the one they offer on occasions in the Paris metro...gotta check that one out.

brattcat said...

It took me awhile but I think I seem your 'sinister' face in that glossy red planter.