Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dinner Out

Dinner Out
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A recent errand took me out Rainier Ave S through the Columbia City Historic District around dinner time. That was fortunate because there are a number of really fun restaurants and cafes, nestled in among the colorful shops, galleries, bars and neighborhood businesses. I was turned down at one place due to lack of a reservation, even though there were eight open tables. So I ended up at a comfortable old favorite and, like our friend Bibi in Belgrade sometimes does, tried a shot from table level to give a sense of being there. Do you have a fave place you like to head out to for Friday night after work or Saturday breakfast?


Lake Lady said...

Hi Kim,
Please help me get the word out. Raf is in the hospital and could use our prayers. Would love to see everyone leave some positive comments on his sites, too! Port Townsend and Omaha.

Don and Krise said...

We do have a couple of favorites down here, one in particular that we'll be going to in a couple of weeks to celebrate an anniversary. Love the color in this shot Kim.