Monday, November 02, 2009

Garfield Community Center Doorway

Entrance Garfield Community Center
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Here is a runner up shot I considered for yesterday's theme day, and I'll have another doorway for you tomorrow. I was walking in the Central District and thought this was such an interesting entrance. It caught my eye from a block away. The steps leading up to it have many thought provoking sayings written in bronze letters on the stair kicks. The doors themselves are conventional glass doors you might find anywhere, but the cast aluminum sculpture suspended above them defining the space is far from common. It is the Kuba Textile Grill based on traditional textile patterns of the Kuba people of Zaire, Africa, and is the work of Beliz Brother & Mark Calderon, 1994. I also like the cheery element of the colored tiles spaced randomly in the brickwork facade.


Kim said...

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Don and Krise said...

What a neat entrance. It keeps you looking from the stairs right through the doors.