Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out For a Show

Showbox February 15 Richard Thompson Band Show
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Well, I took "my chances on the wall of death" last night and caught the Richard Thompson Band at the Showbox. The band has a series of west coast dates at which they are recording a new live album. So, the first set was entirely new material, and I found that very refreshing. I always look forward to hearing artists' new compositions but don't ever recall anyone playing ten to twelve new songs in a row. Very cool, and RT fans are definitely in for a treat when it comes out. The five member band was very tight and played electric violin, mandolin, baritone, alto, and soprano sax, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, and drums. They had the audience ecstatic and the sound in the room surprisingly good for the Showbox. A couple highlights: the traditional British murder ballad redefined and turned on its ear by Thompson with contemporary lyrics and a driving, wild Celtic-tinged rock beat that had the crowd dancing :-); and there was a melodic, sunny little number with highly visual lyrics that could easily become an instant summer radio hit with a bullet, if radio weren't mostly dead. This venue usually allows cameras, but unfortunately not at this show, so I can't show you more than the marquee and Showbox sign outside, and you can click More Seattle Stuff for a peek at a very low rez iPhone shot of the band and some after show street scenes. Have you enjoyed a concert lately?


Marta said...

I love this picture. I wish we had this in Barcelona, it's very glamourous!

brattcat said...

You definitely made the most of available material with this shot. It's excellent. My last concert was the a cappella group, the Beelzebubs. Next month I get to hear Celtic Women and YoYo Ma (two separate concerts) in Boston.

Kim said...

@ Marta, Thank you! Barcelona has many more glamorous charms than this, though :-).

@ brattcat, Oooh, sounds wonderful to all three! I think my next will be to hear Maceo Parker. I have not heard YoYo Ma live yet, and hope to the next time he gets near. I've been listening to his music since the 80s and am very fond of his second recording of the Bach Cello suites and some collaborative work he's done with some other artists I listen to. My husband played cello when we first met, and it is just such an expressive instrument. I hope you enjoy your shows!

lewi14 said...

The Sow Must Go On. Fine photographed. A very good perspective.