Thursday, March 25, 2010

OK, Spring's Here, So Where Are All the Chicks?

OK, Spring's Here, So Where Are All the Chicks?
Photo & Text Copyright 2009 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing.
A passerby seen from the window of a Ballard cafe. . . So, what caption would you write for this photo? A little creativity challenge for you:  If this were the book cover, what would your title be? First paragraph in the short story you'd write for it? Have fun with it. I'll look forward to reading your answers!


brattcat said...

In answer to the question you pose: "they're right behind you." I don't think I can improve on your title.

Mirela said...

Absolutely fantastic capture, and a fitting headline! :-D

Ms. Karen said...

Jack looked at the Seattle sunlight in dismay. "They told me it always rains here. How am I supposed to play the blues when there's no friggin' rain?"

Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful shot. What a magic light and composition. Great image!

Kate said...

Where's Route 66?
Have guitar, will travel.

I'll think about the others; it's a mite too early for me to be creative.

Incidentally, are you still unable to leave comments on this blog? I changed it as you suggested but haven't heard from you?!

Mary said...

Last night was a lot of fun, but a little fuzzy. He was now late for work and in desperate need of a shower. Tyson began to retrace his steps. Surely he would find out where he had misplaced his keys.

lewi14 said...

Are you a mentalist, Kim?

MB said...

Ive Got my Top Hat
Ive got my Guitar
Spring in Seattle
is not to far!

Thanks for your quilt input!

T. Becque said...

Ok, first, nice cropping. Second, from the thumbnail on CDPB this looked like Johnny Depp, and I was getting giddy. Third, I love your caption. And last, here's my input: "Where did I park my car?"

Bob Crowe said...

There's nothing specifically Seattleish about the photo. It made me think of the old Bob Dylan song Lost Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again. It could be the cover for an edition of Kerouac's On The Road but I don't think Jack was drinking bottled water.

Louis la Vache said...

Eric, stumbling clumsily down the street, his head in an alcoholic fog, asked himself How the h*** did I wind up here!? Where the ---- is my car?! Day-um my head hurts! My wallet's gone, but I've still got my guitar!

Kim said...

@ BC, Luis & Mirela, thanks much!
@ Ms. Karen, Ooooo, love the Seattle tie in. It's perfect!
@ Kate & Bob, Very fun that you both went with the Boho feel of the Beats for this, and I CAN hear that Dylan song, too, B. This cat, however was perfectly contemporary, right down to the hat of choice among a lot of Seattle 20/30 somethings at present.
@ Mary, OMGosh I'm really laughing. I kept thinking that wad of keys hanging behind is such a non sequitur with the rest of the look. Sort of the same effect Ben Afflick in a lead romantic role would have if he wore a pocket protector filled with pens. Just seemed out of sync.
@ T.B. Yeah, I can see the Depp thing going on now that you mention it. I shot this very quickly, so this is just what made it into the frame. . .no cropping done. I like the looking for the car angle!
@ Louis LV, you have a gift for good internal dialog! This is just so fun!

What a hoot! I'm giggling still from each of your takes on this. One of my Flickr pals thought this guy looked like Sawyer from Lost. Except for the hair color and wad of keys, I'd have to say he's definitely got that vibe. Or maybe a cross between John Mayer and Mraz? He was actually watching some ladies across the street, was not inebriated but had his own way of walking, and did sort of seem like he was channeling Johnny Depp going Roma. . .oh that earring. . . :-). Thanks one and all!

Marcie said...

Love how this tells a whole story!!!