Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taking Care of Some Deferred Maintenance

Deferred Maintenance
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I was walking in the Beacon Hill neighborhood and from quite a distance couldn't miss this bright wooden building. These colors are straight out of the camera, and the building is three stories tall, so you can imagine what an impression the edifice makes in person. As I got closer the shape of that upper window captured my attention, and then I saw details that indicated this is a church building (note the cross on the chimney). Then that Dylan song "Everything Is Broken" started going through my head as I noticed the many areas of disrepair. This building's southern exposure sure has taken a beating. I'm wishing the church well in being able to get things repaired in these tight economic times. They certainly have a very distinctive building at the top of Beacon Hill.

I did a little repair and sprucing up of SDP's appearance for you :-). Making its debut in the new design is an illustration that the very talented and whimsical Shell Sheree surprised me with over a year ago. We both love cats and special cities! Please click on the little Space Needle Kitty to visit Shell's other wonderful website.

Also, It turns out that the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park will be hosting some very fun special summer activities and exhibits this year. I was so pleased that they inquired a couple weeks ago to use my photo, "Barefoot Afternoon," on the front page of their website for OSP's "Get Out" summer events. I just saw that it is up and you can see it here.  I am a SAM member and a huge, huge fan of its Olympic Sculpture Park, so its very fun for me to see my shot fit so well into their cool design.


Wayne said...

At last I can see the whole banner!!!! :-)

Kim said...

@ Wayne: Well, I had to use a crane to build the site into something more user friendly. Sorry I took it down before you got here to see it ;^).

carolyn said...

Oh Kim that church on Beacon Hill! Beacon Hill is where my beloved son and his partner are rescuing a dilapidated tiny home, making it into a real beauty, adding a new lilac bush to the huge one already on the lot, etc. I pray someone can save this church building. Thanks for the photo. I like what you're doing with the new look of your page, too, but it's the church building that has my heart!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

When I read your caption my first thought was your poor banner that got cut off some time back. How annoying was that? Then I looked at the photo and thought, "Uh oh, that looks like a lot of work. All that damage cannot be helped by a coat of pretty aqua."

Sweet line drawing for your blog. Congrats on the recognition from the museum. Well deserved.

Steffe said...

Congrats to the front page.

This old church looks a bit abandoned.

Tash said...

Holding up on a wing and a prayer.
Gorgeous color & I like the 2 crosses that I can see. I wonder if there are more hidden.

Shell Sheree's Chat is so darling.

And super cool for your photo on SAM! Well done (by them :).

brattcat said...

Love the capture, love the chat.

Virginia said...

Love this old and colorful church! And Kim, congratulations for the the use of your photo. I"m heading right there to see it for myself. Now our Shell sure knows how to make a photographer's heart go pitty pat, right? J'adore her illo of the Space Needle!

B SQUARED said...

A wonderful find. It really does need a lot of work, however.