Saturday, May 01, 2010

Theme Day: Statues

Theme Day:  Statue
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Seattle is big on art and sculpture, but in thinking of this theme I realized it has fairly slim pickings when it comes to bona fide statues that honor historical figures, events and ideals. Over the years I've featured photos of all those I'm familiar with such as the statues of Chief Sealth near Seattle Center, Jimi Hendrix on Broadway, Lady Liberty in West Seattle, the Firefighters Memorial in Occidental Square, J.P. Patches in Fremont, even the rescued statue of Stalin Lenin hauled here from a scrap heap in Russia by a man now deceased and displayed in the heart of the Fremont neighborhood. (Thanks Bibi!)  There are some lovely statues of Camels outside the Asian Art Museum and some amazing memorial statues in the historic cemeteries, and, like I said, lots and lots and lots of sculptures in public places--but statues, not so much. So, I thought I'd feature one of the most well loved and well known statues in Seattle, that of Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market. Her story is here. I've seen all kinds of people having a photo op with her, from children to entire bridal parties. She's actually a giant piggy bank into which visitors can place donations for the Market Foundation. I'm sure you will find statues of the historic and famous if you check out these other theme day photos from around the world. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.


Patricia said...

Rachel rules! Appropriate choice for Theme Day.

It's Lenin in Fremont! :)

(It's me, Bibi, from a different account.)

brattcat said...

In the words of Charlotte...'SOME PIG!' ( :

joshuadf said...

Are you looking for suggestions of statues? The are two George Washingtons on UW campus, a bronze one by Meany Hall and right across the walkway a painted wood one inside By George Cafe. There are also busts around campus: Edvard Grieg, Henry M Jackson, and James Hill (all outdoor). Let's see, there's also the mini Statue of Liberty at Alki and Henry Seward at Volunteer Park. For Seattle personalities, there's a bust of Mark A Matthews in Denny Park and John McGraw by the Westin. Yes I'm a statue fan. :) You are correct that none of ours are all that iconic, though, with the possible exception of the first George on campus!

Kim said...


@ Joshua: thanks for the info on UW campus statues. I had forgotten Henrey Seward, although I've photographed him a few times :-). I never go into Denny Park, but certainly drive past it frequently and will have to check that out. The McGraw by the Westin has never caught my eye. Thanks for all the info! :-).

Gunn said...

I like it,- kind of cute!