Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lowest Tides of the Year This Weekend

Lowest Tides of the Year This Weekend
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While walking along Alki Point in West Seattle this morning, we observed lots of people out enjoying the -3.17 tide. Tomorrow's low tide will be a little lower still. Beachcombers might find a colorful organge, red purple or brown sea star, an ocotopus, crab, clam, or anemone. Tidepooling on the cusp of summer is always a popular outing with Seattlites, with nearly every park along the shorelines offering outings with naturalists today, including the Olympic Sculpture Park which kicks off it's "Get Out" events with tidepooling along it's little beach cove. And what a perfect day for it, eh? :-)

Were you wondering where the marker in Wednesday's post was? It was on the curb at Kerry Park on W Highland Drive on Queen Anne Hill. The building noted in the marker's survey data sheet (the Park View Apartments) doesn't exist anymore, but if you at least got in the general vicinity you would have found it. I left a pink note on the marker saying the treat for finding it was inside the cube sculpture. I stood at the marker and took this shot of the cached treat in the pink bakery box (2 pan au chocolat). I had to leave before 9AM, so hope whoever found it enjoyed!

If you were wondering WHAT the marker in Wednesday's post was:  it was placed by surveyors in 1940 as part of the National Geodetic Survey from which maps and now GPS coordinates are made. The data for these markers is periodically updated and you can find the data sheet for this and other markers all over the nation at NOAA's page on the NGS, and searching for your marker's data sheet using the surveyor's stamped information. The data will include latitude, longitude, altitude, and sometimes even measures of gravity. The things one can learn from just looking down and noticing a disc!


Stacey Dawn said...

Thanks for letting us know about the low tides - just may have to get to the beach to check them out.

Wish I was close enough for the treat!! ;o)

Davine said...

What a great opportunity to find some treasures. Even though I haven't been commenting much I have been checking in on your blog and I must say I love your photos.

brattcat said...

I did a bit of research regarding the marker and came up empty handed. Thank you for solving the riddle and I hope whoever found the pink bakery box will let you know. Yummm. What a treat. And another treat is the wonderful feature shot for today. The phenomenon of such a low tide offers so many details for us to study and the snow-capped mountains in the background put the entire miracle of this image into a grand context.

Jilly said...

That beach looks so inviting. Just the place to explore pools and just mess about on a beach. Heaven.