Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lingering Summer Vistas

Lingering Summer Vistas
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It is an absolutely perfect day today, sunny, warm, clear skies with mountain vistas in every direction. I know in many other communities school has already started, but our kids don't head back to classes until after Labor Day (and Bumbershoot!), and our colleges don't begin fall quarter until late September. So we have this gift of time and lingering summer. Many folks head up to one of the islands to enjoy themselves and wring every last moment out of vacation. This is a place I love to go, the picture perfect little town of Coupeville on close-by Whidbey Island. So picture perfect, in fact, that a Sandra Bullock / Nicole Kidman film was made right here, using the fabulously delicious Knead & Feed Bakery Restaurant as a movie set, and repainting most of the vintage shops along the waterfront street. This family was taking in the view of Penn Cove and Camano Island from the deck. Then above their heads in a knot hole of the wall I noticed a family of another sort moving about. This fledgling is milking it for all its worth, still getting parents to bring it some grub. I thought of Brookville Daily Photo's Abe Lincoln (yes, he IS related to THAT Abe Lincoln) and his beautiful bird and backyard wildlife photos when I came in close for this shot. Hope you like this, Abe!



Anonymous said...

We had lunch up there last weekend - in the new upstairs dinning room. Its such a nice place - great soup/sandwich/pie.

Bibi said...

I don't know this place, but will check it out. As for the birdies, good shot! I have a sand martin photo that I'm saving for an upcoming Skywatch... holes, too!

Paula said...

That's a great portrait of two families. The birds were so clever to utilize the knot in the wood!

Halcyon said...

I love the shot of the ladies looking over the water. A perfect summer scene.

Small City Scenes said...

Neat shot of a very familar place to me. Great bird shot too.

And yes I am still taking my Gboys to football practice--every day!.
School starts here the 2nd and the G-boys the 7th. MB

katney said...

There's beginning to be a nip of fall in the air on the east side of themountains. The daytime temps get up there, but early morning is not warm. That was a good catch seeing the bird. I searched the first picture to find them, but did mom fly in after yous hot it?