Monday, August 23, 2010


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The popular Twilight series of books and movies with settings in Forks and Seattle got me thinking of more than a favorite time of day when I saw this wooden boat on Lake Union. My daughter had recently wanted a girls night out with me to see the third movie installment, Eclipse, despite my not having seen any of the others and her not liking them or the books all that much. We found it playing at a small vintage movie theater in the Columbia City neighborhood. So small, in fact, that the box office person also took our tickets, ran the pop corn machine and swept the carpet. So that I wouldn't be lost, my daughter brought me up to speed on the characters, local settings and plot before the film rolled. This shot has no buff werewolves or pasty teen vampires, but I thought some of you might like to see this fun find just the same.


Bob Crowe said...

Surely the owner can't sail this all the way to Forks. It amazes me that, at least at one time, Forks had two CDPBs. We met Corrine and her husband on our last trip through. Her blog has been inactive for some time.

Gustavo Osmar Santos said...

Gustavo Osmar Santos
Estuvo Aquí...wonderfull.

Kris said...

... of the Gods?

Bibi said...

I don't care for the books (read two; couldn't get through the second) and to be 'fair' saw two movies, but no thanks.

Anyway, I have visited Forks, La Push,and surrounding area, which I like a lot.

Love your photo, and it's a good name for a boat.

Anonymous said...

Oh your photo is MUCH better than the books and films. I read the first book and found it horrible, then thought I'd try again the second (thinking maybe the main character would finally get a backbone), but alas no, it was even worse than the first. Saw the first film and that was enough too.