Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spring in Her Step

Spring in Her Step
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We are back to this footwear with a wet Seattle autumn storm having moved in. At least this woman is keeping spring alive, if only through the images on her rain boots. Do you brighten up the dreary days with a colorful umbrella or whimsical boot pattern, too?


Randy said...

Can't say that I do but I admire her for wearing those! Great shot.

Bibi said...

Leopard print, leopard print, that's what my rubber boots are!

I like these, too---maybe I need a second pair?

brattcat said...

Clever title. I have a neon green/blue raincoat and an umbrella that is large enough to shelter three close friends. It is adorned with the photos of famous female authors. It always cheers me on those really rainy days.

lewi14 said...

What interesting and colourful boots! Are they unique?

tracey said...

Those are gorgeous! I want a pair!