Monday, January 10, 2011

Phinney Ridge Neighborhood

Phinney Ridge Neighborhood
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Past the Woodland Park Zoo to the south there is a jog at this juncture in the road that runs along Phinney Ridge. Phinney Avenue curves around this building and becomes Greenwood Avenue. The building sits across from the bustling Phinney Neighborhood Association and houses two popular eateries in this neighborhood, a Red Mill Burgers and a Starbucks Coffee.


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Kim, I like the 50s era building and although there is the Starbucks logo, it is not the cookie cutter appearance of so many of their stores. Lovely photo... oh, where is SBC? Isn't it king of the coffee houses in Seattle?


The Red Angel said...

Ooh, I've never seen such a cool-looking Starbucks before. Great shot. I've never been to Seattle before but I'd love to go someday!


Kris said...

Burgers and coffee?

I’m not convinced…

Kim said...

Thanks guys,
. . . and Kris, I promise you your boys would drag you to Red Mill everyday if they could. Very popular with the under 7 crowd. My fave: the Verde Veggie Burger and a berry shake.

Kim said...

Genie, Starbuck's headquarters are int the SODO district of Seattle. If you type that term in my blog's search box, photos of it will come up.

Steffe said...

I'm glad to report that I haven't seen any Starbucks in my area yet. I do love drinking coffee when I'm out and about but it has to be a small cafe.

Avocaken said...

Starbucks coffees might be over-priced for some but it sure beats the dark water served by most eateries. :-) Try it, you'll not drink diner "coffee" again!

And PLEASE send me a hamburger with the "works"! We lived down the hill in Ballard and I'd go to the Red Mill at least once a week.

Ken B.