Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stop & Go @ The Wood Between the Worlds

Stop & Go @ The Wood Between the Worlds
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A bright green yard lantern was glowing after sundown near this elaborate red birdhouse. I suppose birds are being encouraged to stop in here, and they've been given the green light. :-) Or maybe Mr. Tumnus   is waiting near that stand of trees in the background just waiting to meet whomever flits in for a visit through the wood between the worlds. Well, as Tom says, "We'll leave the light on for ya."


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Love that chic birdhouse and the green light is interesting... makes me think of The Great Gatsby with the green light at the end of the pier...


Maya said...

Great shot!!

brattcat said...

We're thinking very much alike today. Possible trip to Seattle late next month (for the Flower Show)...any chance we could meet if Mr. Brattcat and I make it out?

The Red Angel said...

Never seen a green lamp like that before. Very interesting! It gives quite a mysterious aura to the whole photo.

You take really awesome pictures that take place outside when it's dark.



Kim said...

Thanks very much, guys!

@ Brattcat: ". . .any chance. . .?"
Oh my goodness, I'd be so excited! I'd be free Fri & Sat eve and Sun from 11:30 AM on. Fit me into your plans somehow. Would be SO great to see you!

Sue M. said...

I love the dusk/night shots. Nice exposure and use of light. Looking forward to more!

Gunn said...

I LOVE the design house for the birds!:)
And you captured the place so well!

Steffe said...

Nicely spotted.