Friday, April 01, 2011

Theme Day: Edges

By Sea or By Air, This is SO Seattle
Photo & Text © 2011 Kim- Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved; no use, alteration, reproduction or republishing in any media.

It's City Daily Photo Blogs first of the month theme day again, and this month we are challenging ourselves to look at Edges. The composition of this image is unusual for me in that the subjects are all out at the edges of the shot. To tell you the truth, it was all I could do to get the camera settings right before the float plane and ferry both roamed right out of the picture! Whew!  To see how others interpreted the theme, click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

A float plane in a cloudy blue sky and a ferry skimming across Puget Sound may be as ubiquitous an image to scream Seattle as the Space Needle. These modes of transportation are a way of life around the Sound. If you are planning a trip to Seattle this summer you can do more than see these historic vessels coming and going at all hours of the day, you can get on board a Kenmore Air flight or a Washington State Ferry. Be sure to visit Skywatch Friday here to see dramatic skies all over the globe.


Petrea said...

Wow, Kim, that is absolutely gorgeous. And your composition is artful. Terrific theme day post.

Chuck Pefley said...

yep, edge of frame. Nice, Kim!

Jilly said...

How clever you are to use 'edges' in this way and what a beautiful photo. Those rolling clouds are absolutely stunning and the plane somehow draws the eye. It's a photo that really works.

christina Klas said...

Love this interpretation... A classic scene in Seattle! Beautiful.