Friday, March 18, 2011

Heading Onto the Viaduct

Heading Onto the Viaduct
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That ramp ahead across 1st Ave leads to the southbound deck of Seattle's elevated waterfront highway, the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Quite a little stir was in the air this week. During a local radio show conversation Monday about the implications the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan might have for Seattle, Mayor Mike McGinn mentioned maybe the viaduct should come down right away to avoid risking lives--even before an alternative tunnel is built. The viaduct was damaged over 10 years ago in a 6.8 quake here. Over 11,000 110,000 vehicles travel the viaduct each day. There are now plans in the works for a tunnel to replace it in about five more years.

4 comments: said...

such a timely photograph.... seems like the viaduct debate won't be going away for awhile

Don Stark said...

An important point: the viaduct carries about 110,000 vehicles per day, not 11,000

Kim said...

Don, Thank you for catching my typo and my apology for the inaccurate number it reflected. I've addd the missing 0 :-).

Maya said...

That thing needs to be abolished. Seriously!