Friday, March 11, 2011

Sky City Meets Palace Kitchen

Sky City Meets Palace Kitchen
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The Needle is always playing peek-a-boo with us from above, through spaces between buildings and over the tops of trees and signs. In this night scene I glimpsed the Space Needle's Sky City restaurant revolving atop the Palace Kitchen's neon sign.

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lytha said...


palace kitchen, i'd forgotten about it! what an amazing place. i remember my friend ordering a 50$ cognac and i said "what the heck is the matter with you? why would you do that?" and he said, "because i can. and i'm curious how it tastes."

Kim said...

Makes me wonder what your friend had to drink prior to the high end cognac :-). Fun story, and thanks for sharing it.

mvi said...
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brattcat said...

you are so good with these night shots. said...

I love the positioning of the needle... great job