Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back In Parking

Back In Parking
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I took this shot on Ferdinand Street in the Columbia City neighborhood in the south of Seattle, although it could have been taken in nearly any commercial district in Seattle. The city has replaced parallel parking areas with back in angled parking spaces all over town. I admit I am slowly getting better at judging the angle correctly as I back in, but it can be a challenge :-). Does your city have this sort of parking?
These detailed wood-frame homes look to be from before the turn of the 20th century.and the color choices of their current owners add to their charm and that of this very fun neighborhood to explore.


The Red Angel said...

Love this photo! These are one of the reasons why I enjoy the city so much--these types of townhouses, they are so cute and colorful.


ashe said...

why exactly do you have to back in? Love the shot!

Kim said...

@Ashe, well. . .do you notice the sign? No kidding, I'm not sure the reasoning on the city's part, but imagine it is perceived as safer since one doesn't have to blindly back out into traffic when leaving.