Monday, April 11, 2011

Springtime Rituals

Springtime Rituals
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Students and visitors enjoy the spring bloom of the Yoshino Cherry trees that grace the UW Quad. Pink Snow lines the pathways across campus and friends pause to enjoy the magical canopy of pale blossoms.


Steffe said...

A great spring scene, must be a fun feeling sitting up that tree together like that or even on the green lawn in the sunshine.

VaishVijay said...

Couple on the tree trunk adds oomph to the setting, great capture!

-K- said...

Wow - what a wonderful photo. Hope you're saving it.

lp said...

Hi! I'm from Los Angeles and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos, the art of how you view the city of Seattle, you're really gifted.. I actually came across your blog because I was looking for interesting, out of the normal and artsy photos of Seattle since my boyfriend and I will spend our anniversary in Seattle for just this weekend.. we really want to take out of the ordinary photos this time and I was just wondering if you could suggest a bunch of places for us to take shots somewhere in downtown Seattle? far all we know is the space needle and waterfront (also going to look for the red clock century city)..we're coming saturday very early in the morning and leaving sunday night..and we will be staying at the Fairmont in Downtown Seattle (so you have an idea if we do have a lot of places/ cool shots around that area too).. it will be our first time in Seattle :D THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!! also here's our blog, my boyfriend and i love to take cute pictures together too: