Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They're Everywhere!

They're Everywhere!
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Photographers, that is :-). Okay, everyone in your best voice on the count of four, 1 2 3 4 hit it. . ."I always feel like. . .somebody's watching me." Wherever I go in Seattle I usually see at least one other person with camera in hand roaming around like me. This day I sort of hit the jackpot at Sunset Hill Park.


lizziviggi said...

Yes, the sun is still an infrequent enough visitor to draw us all like moths to the flame when it sets! I love that you took a photo of the photographers.

Maya said...

Hahahaha. Too true! We got a Charlie's Angels shot yesterday with cameras. :-)

Christina Klas said...

I wish this would happen more in my neck of the woods. Would keep me from standing out so much and getting some pretty "curious" looks.

Peter said...

Nice picture, Kim. I believe it was said by Susan Sontag that taking a picture is nog just taking a photo.Photo's show what you can see, but especially what YOU see. And as we know... you have got a master eye!