Sunday, May 01, 2011

Theme Day: Mailbox

Theme Day:  Mail Box
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Today the first of the month City Daily Photo Bloggers' theme is mailboxes. Here is a US Postal Service mailbox in front of a Starbucks entrance on a sunny spring morning in Seattle. Are you curious to see what mailboxes look like in countries around the globe? Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

And hey, we are celebrating three fabulous CDPBlogger's significant blogoversaries! They have each poured out a lot of work and dedication every day for many years, and  I have enjoyed getting to know their areas through their beautiful photography. Rudy of La Antigua, Guatemala is celebrating 5 years of La Antigua Daily Photo today. And he would like you to send him some snail mail to fill the mail slot he's featuring today. So drop a colorful postcard or a letter with a fancy stamp from wherever you may be to him at :
And the party keeps on going in the northern hemisphere. Earlier this week Slinger of Twin Cities Daily Photo (Minniapolis/St. Paul, Minnisota, USA) also marked 5 years of fab photoblogging. And Bergson in Chateaubriant, France is celebrating his 4th year of publishing Chateaubriant Daily Photo. I invite you to pay each of them a visit, enjoy their work and wish them Bon Blogoversary!


brattcat said...

the box, the dog, the couple all look as if they are having a challenging day despite the sunshine. such an interesting, provocative capture, kim.

gedek! said...

good dog!


Steve C said...

Thanks Kim for the mention on your blog, very much appreciated. I'm surprised by how many of the first 100 or so daily photo blogs are still alive and posting. You'll be at five years in July and we'll have another five year blog.

Jilly said...

Love this shot, Kim. I'd hoped for a shot with people and never achieved it. You did it in spades and is that dog taking a pee or just old? So much going on, including that marvellous reflection, apart from the mailbox, which in itself is a beauty.

I'll add my congrats to all the CDP bloggers you mention. Had already seen Rudy's request for snail mail and that will be on its way to him shortly.

So lovely of you to mention everyone.

Bergson said...

Thanks for your links

i like the dog near the boxmail said...

It looks like the couple has just mailed something that brings them closer together.

Tash said...

Congrats to all you "ol' timers", leading the way!
Love the all-American mail box photo.

Anonymous said...

I think the dog makes the picture. Wow.