Sunday, June 05, 2011

Ghost Sign on the Roycroft Theatre

Ghost Sign on the Roycroft Theatre
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The Roycroft Theatre urged patrons to wait for pictures to leave the first run houses downtown and see them here on convenient Capitol Hill. The theater opened in 1925, complete with organ. After 40 years as a cinema, the building was converted to become the Russian Community Center. Although films haven't played here in 50 years, the ghost sign remains unchanged. Speaking of films, the Seattle International Film Festival is winding down to its last week. If you haven't heard of it or attended in the past, it is very much worth your attention. "Throughout its 34 years, SIFF has evolved into one of the leading independent and international film institutions in the United States and the world. With extensive local, national, and international media coverage, the Festival is one of Seattle’s most accessible and highly–publicized cultural events."


-K- said...

I love faded advertisments like this. LA has some but at this point they're almost too old to read.

Anonymous said...

I grew up two doors north from the Roycroft. The last movie on the marque I remember was Cat On A Hot Tin Roof in 1958.