Friday, July 15, 2011

End of an Era

End of an Era
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No, its not the latest prediction of doomsday. It's the poster outside the Cinerama in downtown Seattle announcing the final film in the Harry Potter series. Our daughter was in 3rd grade when the first Harry Potter book was published in the USA. Our family partner-read through the series as each new book was published. Well, we'd partner-read it after dad, who'd nab the newest edition for himself upon our return from the bookstore, finished reading it cover to cover in one or two sittings, that is :-). We also went to see each of the films together and enjoyed them very much. In a way the books and films have been markers along the stages and ages of childhood and adolescence and pleasant family times spent together. She's grown up right along with the book characters and the actors who portrayed them. So, it is with a mixture of fond anticipation and a bit of sadness that we look forward to seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 while we are on vacation together soon. Seattlites won't be waiting. They cued up for a midnight showing (as they have for most of the Potter films in the past), and this after a week long Harry Potter film marathon.


The Cinerama Theater in downtown Seattle first opened in 1963. It was saved from demolition years later by Seattlite Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft and Vulcan real estate developer) who was a patron of the theater when a kid. It has undergone major renovations and restoration in 1999 and again last year and is now outfitted to show Cinerama films, 70mm, and 3D. It has a state of the art sound system and is very popular in this town that loves films. And all things 60s (check out that tile wall!) :-)


brattcat said...

I wish we had such a marathon here. I've managed to miss most of the Potter films and would love to see them in sequence, one on top of the other.

Montreal Photo Daily said...

Cinerama was lucky to have a huge fan with deep pockets! I can still remember the day when they closed down our "York" theatre here in Montreal. In my student days I'd watch movies there for cheap, at late-night showings... and it was a grand dame of a theatre. No such luck for her though. It was completely demolished and a condo project is currently being built. :S
Have a great weekend Kim!

Anonymous said...

I never got into the Harry Potter craze, but I know many who are sad it is over... well captured!