Saturday, July 16, 2011

Monorail & Needle

Monorail & Needle
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In the dark and almost silently, the monorail speeds overhead through downtown and back to Seattle Center under the watchful eye of the Space Needle. Next year the iconic symbol of the Emerald City turns 50! Some of the lights you see are from Sky City, the revolving restaurant, and others above are flashes from people taking photos on the observation deck. If you'd like to see the 360 degree view from the top of the Needle, click here and have some fun manipulating the live webcam to look in any direction over the city that you would like.


Bryan said...

Great shot! I'm moving to Seattle in 2 weeks, and that's almost exactly the view from my new apartment.

Anonymous said...

Great low light shot! One of these days before school begins on September 1, I've promised myself a trip up the Needle. I haven't been there since 1962 at the Century 21 World's Fair... I was 12!

joannamauselina said...

What a beautiful photo!

Montreal Photo Daily said...

Very nice night shot. Would love to try out the restaurant up there in the sky! Have a great weekend, Kim.

Hello from Montreal!

brattcat said...

we loved riding your monorail.