Saturday, July 09, 2011

In Touch With His Inner Viking

In Touch With His Inner Viking
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It's that time of year for fun in the streets. This weekend you can head over to Ballard and follow the scent of the alder wood smoke to the amazing Salmon dinner and the rest of what the historic maritime neighborhood's 37th Annual Seafood Fest has to offer. It's in full swing from 11AM to 9PM today and tomorrow, inviting folks to come enjoy all kinds of amazing street food, two stages of live music, dancing and entertainment, beer and wine gardens, lots of fun children's activities, artists and vendors booths, and that certain Ballard Nordic vibe. They invite you to come "eat, play, plunder." I got a kick out of The Hi-Life's non-seafood offering to the festivities--the popular local eatery in a refurbished historic fire house started late last night roasting a pig for their 2nd Annual Ballard Back Alley Pork-Fest today. It's all about alternatives, from Vegan eats to Big Easy-style red beans and rice with shrimp, to Lutefisk, Deadliest Catch crab, roasted corn, and gourmet seafood, you won't go away from seafood fest hungry. This gentleman got into the spirit of things at last year's fest and was kind enough to let me nab this close shot.


Anonymous said...

Superb casual portrait... gotta love Ballard... I do!

Steffe said...

The Vikings looks different in Seattle!

Rachel said...

What I am liking so much about this portrait is the modern glasses because, without them, I could totally believe that this guy is a real Viking. So fun!

business travel companies said...

I am looking for the mallet or any weapon to complete the Viking look.

Virginia said...

I love your portraits. I'm smiling from ear to ear.