Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Usual Suspects From Near & Far

IMG_4628This is NOT Paris :-)IMG_8516
Bibi Has Arrived From Belgrade!IMG_8551
IMG_1370IMG_7349Meead & Wei

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They are camera crazy. Every last one of them! I've had the pleasure of meeting each of these fine folk from the CDPBlogging community when they visited Seattle. Oh, except that one guy who makes two appearances in jaunty caps--he isn't visiting, he's a longtime Seattlite :-). Some of them I've met with multiple times and enjoyed photowalking my city or theirs. Others have had limited time so we met for coffee or during a a pit stop while on a 3 day walk to raise funds for cancer research. They came from Yakima, Greenville, Portland (formerly from Mashhad and now in Chicago), Brattleboro, Bangor (formerly from NYC), Belgrade, Victoria, Versailles, Vancouver,  Ferney-Voltaire near Geneva (formerly from Seattle and DC), and Paris. Thanks so much for spending time Chuck, Ciel de Quimper, Michael, Wayne, Chuck again & Bibi, Maya & Janet, Bibi, Conrad, Benjamen, Brattcat & Mr. Brattcat, Denton, Kateney and Meead. CDPB folks drop in on each other all around the globe when they get the chance.


Janet M Kincaid said...

Congratulations on such a wonderful milestone. Being in your presence is an absolute honor! Thank you again for being part of such a special day for me and Maya. I hope we're still in France in November and that we have the chance to see you! xo

brattcat said...

Such a delicious post. It brings back happy memories of time shared with you one wonderful Seattle day. Thank you again for being such a dear, thoughtful, generous, gracious hostess. A toast to CDP for making this possible.

Luis Gomez said...

Great post Chuck!

Wayne said...

I thought we agreed to burn that photo Kim. :-)

Virginia said...

Oh this is as good as it gets! What is fun for me is that I recognized almost everyone. (Glad you didn't listen to wayne!). I'm sad though because I've never had the pleasure of hugging the Seattle delegation's collective necks. Maybe someday!

Virginia said...

Oh and that header with the les chaises rouges knocks my socks off~!
(or is it les rouges chaises????)

Maya said...

Awww, nice post Kim! We are so happy you could be with us on our big day! I hope we get to see you in Paris!!

Tash said...

All the familiar faces! How splendid.

Janet said...

Kim - we really must meet!! I probably live closer to you than even Chuck. I've been away back East and will be heading north next week - after that let's meet at Grumpy D's.