Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Will the Water Do?

What Will the Water Do?
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Well, it will keep them cool, bu these children were exploring how water runs down a spiral channel of a giant sea shell at the water works in Ballard Commons Park. It's not been our typical summer yet, but the kids are making the most of the sunny and partly sunny days we have had. Hope you are keeping cool and enjoying summer (northern hemisphere folks :-)).


Montreal Photo Daily said...

Thank goodness for these water parks. Keep the young ones cool and happy!

It'll be in the high 30's C. today in Montreal! I might just join in the fun!

Barcelona m'enamora said...

I suppose it should be a very hot day! They seem to be really enjoying the water...

Anonymous said...

I hope we DO get summer... I'm hoping it doesn't show up the first week of September when the kids have to be back in school... sweet candid shot of these water and fun loving kids!

Jimmy said...

Nice photo! Very summery with all the water and shirtless kids. It's around 33C here, but I live by the sea, so it's a bit more endurable ;D Thanks for the post

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