Monday, January 02, 2012

The Pike Brewing Company

The Pike Brewing Company
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Seattle's own Pike Brewing Company is the proud little brewery that could. Founded by the Finkel family, then sold, then purchased back, the Finkel's clearly have a long passion for great food and beverage. They've been instrumental in helping foster American tastes for fine European style brews. They care not only about beer's thirst quenching qualities but how specific brews can be paired with wonderful foods. The company has a brewery which you can tour, as well as a pub and restaurant, an event center, store, and brewing museum. They love educating people about beer and encouraging home brewers. It's a micro brew lover's paradise. You can take a virtual tour of the brewery here. They are also known for the great graphics of their distinctive labels and the clever names they come up with for their traditional brews. I took these logo shots during a late night amble down Post Alley where they are located. Below are just two of their creative Seattle brewed offerings. . .which might you be tempted to try?



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Yup, the graphics are very distinctive!

Abnre said...

The Pike is just amazing and it is customer oriented!

Everyone just loves its brewing services!
I am just glad they are very good at everybody that they encourage their customers to brew at home(Crumblrr)

More powers!