Friday, December 28, 2012

Not a Whole Lot Going On

Not a Whole Lot Going On by Seattle Daily Photo
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But there's a sign to let you know there is a rich history to this alley. Below is a shot of how quiet the apartments and businesses seem compared to those that once occupied the alley. If you are a fan of Jamie Ford's book, The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, you might like to visit Canton Alley off of King Street between 7th and 8th (you can learn more about that here).

Today we took advantage of the dry weather and took down our Christmas lights from the eves, took down the tree, cut it up into the yard waste bin, tucked away all the dear little ornaments, boxed up the decorations, and cleaned house. Then we had yummy Cantonese food for lunch: hot and sour soup, chicken, and noodles. . .and fortune cookies, of course! Made me homesick for San Francisco.

Long View of Canton Alley That's About It

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