Monday, January 06, 2014

Seattlite Monday #1

Seattlite by Seattle Daily Photo
Photo & Text © 2014 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved.
Seattle is full of really interesting sights, things that make you stop and wonder, want to know the history, take a closer look, do a little research to figure out what you're looking at. But for me as I've wandered the neighborhoods on foot with camera in hand the last seven years what has piqued my curiosity most has been the people who live here. Sometimes when I'm reviewing shots I'll notice something interesting about someone who just happened into the frame that I hadn't seen in the moment. Other times I will notice something particularly interesting about someone from a distance and try to capture it in a street shot. That happened when this dapper gent wandered into an alleyway in Pioneer Square and I noticed he was wearing black boots, colorful madras shirt under brick red vest, black jacket and topped with a plaid bow tie. An ordinary moment-- someone just taking a break, checking messages--but if we just have a second to notice, people are pretty extraordinary. I don't have the time or bravery of my photo friend Steffe of Photos From Haninge (Sweden) who for years has made wonderful street portraits of people he has seen in his town and interviewed each of them (here is a wonderful sampler of his portraits from 2013). With this shot I'm starting a little Monday series featuring some Seattlites in their environs.


Linnea said...

Love all the brick buildings in Seattle. Great shot with the lamp, hanging plant, and geek!

Bob Crowe said...

Maybe the message is that people in Seattle spend more time staring at their smart phones than anyone else. Or that some of you have the most individual fashion sense.