Thursday, January 09, 2014

Super Fast

Super Fast by Seattle Daily Photo
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So, how fast is "super fast"? I've got a meeting shortly after work tonight. Too bad one of the MOD (Made On Demand) Pizza eateries in Seattle isn't closer to where I'm going or I'd give it a try. :-) MOD was established 5 years ago by area locals Scott and Ally Svenson. They are also the founders the Seattle Coffee Company and Carluccio's. "Super fast" also seems to apply to MOD's growth. They've just started to offer franchise opportunities and have 11 locations in WA, 2 in OR, and 2 in Southern CA. So maybe it won't be long before you'll see one in your city. It wasn't food that attracted me here, though. Longtime visitors to SDP know I'm a complete sucker for neon signs calling out in the night, sometimes even in the day.


Bob Crowe said...

So, no slow food movement in Seattle? Everybody take a vacation in Tuscany.

I'm puzzled by the concept - how could make decent pizza on demand but do it quickly? Maybe most of the ingredients are pre-cooked.

Kim said...

Apparently not: Thin crust plus 800F oven temp. . .choose all own fresh ingredients, supposedly takes 3 mins to cook. I haven't tried it, but that's the claim to fame.
Thanks Bob,