Thursday, August 17, 2006

Elliott Bay Book Co. (by request)

Posted by Picasa As requested by a visitor, here is a streetscape view of this great independent Seattle bookstore. It is located in the Pioneer Square area, so if you've visited Seattle, there is a great chance you've ducked into Elliott Bay Book Co. for a browse, or into the cafe on the lower level (entrance is just around the corner) for a little something caffeinated. That lovely clock is one of the historic clocks that can be found around town and honors history enthusiast Earl Layman (click the link for more info and a Seattle clock walk map). My suggestion for a really lovely, lazy day would be, enjoy a good long browse at EBBC, pick a selection or two for purchase, then amble down to the ferry dock, pay for passage, walk aboard, get a cozy booth and read all the way to Bainbridge Island, get off, amble up to a lovely nearby cafe, order a little something, sit and nosh and read and sip for hours, then amble back to the ferry at dusk for a return trip to the city and enjoy the approaching Seattle skyline with all its sunset lights on to greet you again.


~tanty~ said...

I would love going to this bookstore. It looks big and nice.

luggi said...

Great idea! (My favorite post of the day.)

Kate said...

Independent bookstores are the BEST! I still mourn the demise of The Hungry Mind in St. Paul. Hope your fair city continues to support yours!

Meg Nakagawa said...

How beautiful! Hear hear to Independent book stores!

santy said...

yay! a streetscape view of it, thanks Kim :)

Kim said...

Thanks for visiting everyone! And glad you liked the photo, Santy! Luggi, glad it sounded like fun. Meg and Kate, I share your sentiments.

Anonymous said...

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John Z Wetmore said...

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Thank you.