Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What Are You Reading This Summer?

Leave me a comment on the book(s) you are reading right this minute. We will all get a good recommendation for our end of summer reading.

Seattle is a great literary city, and Elliot Bay Books is a hub of it all. If you are a book lover, this is the place to come browsing on a rainy day or to take in a favorite author's in-store event. There is something for absolutely everyone's interests including a great children's section. Unlike Powell's Books in Portland (another must visit bookstore in the Pacific Northwest) it is a generalist's dream yet it does not take three days to peruse all the sections. Elliot Bay's used section is excellent for bargain reads (I'm just finishing a used copy of Robertson Davies' "The Cunning Man" that I picked up there. You can also find first editions and rarities that will delight you. The old wooden floors and mazes of bookcases, great signage, and helpful staff all make it so enjoyable. EBB is my favorite independent bookseller on the west coast except for Black Oak Books in Berkeley. Remember the TV show Frasier? The fictional Cafe Nervosa in which the characters on the show conversed over lattes was modeled on the Elliot Bay Cafe on the lower level of the bookstore. It's a great place to sip a little something and plunge into the opening chapter of your newest find.

Yes, that's me peeking at you in the reflection. This was my runner-up photo for the self portrait in a place you love theme day photo.Posted by Picasa


santy said...

I love books! although I have to admit that I haven't read any this year :( oh, and how about the bookstore down at Pioneer Square? Will you take a picture of that area sometime? Doesn't have to be the bookstore though. Nice peeking, Kim! :)

anne said...

I don't have enough time to read nowadays :( I used to read a lot when I was in college though. I love reading novels from Sidney Sheldon :)

Nancee said...

Long live the independent booksellers! Chicago is dominated by the big box chains. I go out of my way to buy at one of our few semi-independent bookstores - Barbara's Books (stores in Chicago, NY, Boston and Philadelphia). Right now I'm reading Bernard-Henri Levy's Vertigo. Too early to comment.

Sarah said...

Yay! Elliot Bay! I visited here when I was in Seattle this spring and was very impressed. I spent quite a bit of time walking around, checking out the displays, book/award lists (I am a librarian afterall). I bought March by Geraldine Brooks while I was there to read on the plane ride home. Amazing store.

John Nez said...

This summer I'm delving into the history of early aviation... which totally captivates me. I have half a dozen books out from the library that go into the fascinating details about the Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss, Bleriot and all the other amazing fun stuff to do with early aviation.

I'm also trying to sell a children's book on a famous, yet unknown early aviator... fingers crossed.

Other than that, last spring I just LUVED local author Betsy McDonald's book 'The Egg & I' which was a smash hit best seller for 2 years running back in the 50's. I can see why... her writing style is wonderful and timeless. She's got such a sassy fun attitude. One of those 'you can't put it down books'.

I just recently drove up 'The Egg & I Road' on the way to Port Townsend, looking for the house where the book takes place. (site of her chicken ranch during the 1920's) They renamed the road in her honor. I think I saw it... but there's no marker or anything.

Ryan of OC Photos said...

I love this bookstore!
I usually have about 5-7 books going at all times. Right now I am reading "Demons" by Dostoyevsky (not his best), "Flyboys" by Bradley (interesting), "Searching for God Knows What" by Donald Miller (Insightful), "A Tale of Love and Darkness" by Oz? (I'm just starting), and I'm waiting for the next "Harry Potter" (for my kids of course). - Ryan

Neorelix said...

At the moment I'm reading John Banville's The Sea and the latest offerings from Lee Child and John Sandford - neither of which are up to their normal standards I'm afraid. Nice picture.

Liz said...

I love reading so I think that Seattle could be a perfect city for me :-)

I have the bad habit to read many books in the same time, and in this moment I've jsut finished to read "city of our last destination" by Peter Cameron and I am starting to read "Londonstani","peyton place" (maybe its a bit old but here seems to be a real best seller now...) and other books not yet translated in English :-)

Mike said...

Great book shop. There are lots of places to hide and read. And here is a request for a book geek, Seattle Public Library, main branch.

I am reading Practicing the Presense of God, by Brother Lawrenceand Moby Dick, by Melville.

Kim said...

Wow! I've just spent time on Amazon reading up on the selections posted that I wasn't familiar with. Your reading is varied and very interesting!

Santy, glad you liked the full view of the store. I will be posting more from that area shortly, and hope it gives you a taste of hom away from home.

Anne, that's fun brain candy reading for summer. I know what you mean about NO TIME. Yikes!

Nancee, good for you for shopping local small businesses. I've heard mixed things about American Vertigo, but think it would be interesting to hear Levy's take on things. Outside views can be very helpful.

Sarah, it's so neat that you've been in there! I hope the book you got for the flight turned out to be good!

John, that is so cool about the early aviator book you are pitching. I'm wishing you luck! We were fascinated by the museum of flight in DC when we visited a few years ago, and fell in love with these little experimental personal aircraft that individuals had built. My husband bought a book on flight, and it was fascinating.
I'm so glad you mentioned The Egg & I. It's so interesting to know of this local author. How cool that you found the road and probably the house! I love stuff like that. Real local adventures. Look on your blog comments for a post from me. (If others want to see some fab painting and illustration, take a peek!)

OC Ryan, I'm trying to think of what my fave bookstore was when I lived in OC. It was up in north county in Fullerton, old part of town. Had a spanish fountain in the courtyard. Ah well. . . I tend to be like you with multiple tomes going, but for me it's because I'm a full time student most of the year :^) Dostoyevsky in the summer is not something that would occur to me, and the others sound interesting. Our family, too, awaits the HP series offerings.

Neo, Sorry two authors you follow both swung low and missed. The Sea seems like one for the book pile shortly after the winter holidays. Are you liking it?

Liz, You would love it here, I'm sure. Gosh, it's fun to hear that Payton Place is in revival elsewhere. Quite a period piece.

Mike, Gosh, PTPoG by BL is one I read a while back, as is MOBY DICK! Are you making your way through it, cytology passages and all? You know the related locally-spawned coffee house chain's naming story comes from it's pages, right? ;^)

Thanks everyone!

Ryan of OC Photos said...

Kim- I didn't know the "related locally-spawned coffee house chain's name" is from the book Moby Dick. What does that have to do with coffee?

Kim said...

Dear OC, as I've heard it, the founder of Starbuck's name his business from a favorite passage from Moby Dick. BTW, the founder of Starbuck's, as I've heard it, actually learned the coffee roasting trade from Peet's Coffee in Berkeley, before he began what has now become the Starbuck's global coffee house empire. ;^)