Thursday, August 31, 2006

One Alternative I Saw In Seattle

Posted by Picasa Shortly after I snapped this, a young mother and her small child returned to this scooter and sidecar, donned their helmets, and away they went, spare tire and all.

Thanks so much to the many of you who responded with the current price of gas in your area. Sadly, none of our friends from Asia, Africa, or the Middle East responded, so I'm still curious about those regions. If you have info, please comment today. Here is a summary of cost per gallon in US dollars from the information gleaned from yesterday's comments. I used today's conversion rate for all currencies, and converted liters to gallons (1 gal = 3.7854118 liters). This was a very informal and unscientific poll, so take it as such:

Europe: UK $7.14/gal; Italy & Portugal $6.81/gal; France $6.51; Bosnia $4.85/gal.

North America: Canada $3.07; USA mainland average is 2.85/gal (west coast $3.00/gal, mid & south $2.60/gal, east coast $2.93)

Pacific/Oceana: Hawaii $3.60/gal.; Australia $3.67/gal; New Zealand $3.97/gal

So it looks like our friends in England spend the most for fuel out of all respondents, followed by our other European friends, then our friends NZ and Australia, then Hawaii having the highest US price. Ontario Canada appears to be paying about west coast US equivalent, the highest mainland price.

Some of us ride bikes and scooters, take public transit and walk as much as we can (except folks near Luggi, of course ;^). I wonder what ideas you've tried?

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Neorelix said...

Excellent scooter and sidecar in a lovely colour! Bet the child loves it!