Thursday, September 07, 2006

Aurora Bridge Reflection

You might like the view this contemporary houseboat offers of the tall Aurora Bridge that spans the Lake Washington Ship Canal where it meets Lake Union. Actually, the bridge is really named the George Washington Memorial Bridge, but hardy anyone refers to it as such. It carries Hwy 99, also known as Aurora Ave., a major thoroughfare running north/south through town, and most people just call it the Aurora Bridge. It is the only bridge spanning the ship canal that is not a draw bridge, and its graceful arches can be clearly seen from across the lake. Unfortunately, because of its height, the bridge has been a magnet for upset people contemplating suicide.

I didn't notice the bridge in the window until I downloaded the photo. I liked the way the reflection's line angled across the window and the line continues to be carried by the roofline. This strikingly designed 1 bedroom 1 1/2 bath houseboat built in 1991 is for sale. Can you guess the asking price? Would you believe only $998,800--but hey, it comes with a kayak! :^) Check out more views of its other features by clicking here, and dream.


Kala said...

I have to say, the house does look georgous from the 1 or so photos but for a price like that hmmmmmmm i will get back to you on that haha

I love being next to water but I dont know at what price.

anne said...

Hi Kim! I love your photo for today! But agree with Kala...the price is just something else!

keropokman said...

Hey Kim

Interesting picture. It gives you such a peaceful feeling.

Ame said...

WOW KIM! Really kewl shot...LOVE all the blue hues! Those exACT colors are in my backyard! And hey, for close to a million, the kayak seals the deal for me! Awww, come on Nic...that should have been the clincher for u 2! LOL! ;-) PS: You're right, what a gem, the way the bridge lines up with the roof!

John Nez said...

Yeah and at that price you still don't get any land. I understand they just rent the spaces on the dock for 99 years or something.

I spent a week house sitting a houseboat once, over near where they shot 'Sleepless in Seattle'. I think I'd really prefer having a yard. AND I'd get seasick when I tried to sit at a desk and work on doing illustration. But the worst thing was having all kinds of people always driving by and gawking through the front window in their boats.

Kim said...

Kala- I know what you mean. Say, what is waterfront property going for in Honolulu now? Any alt housing there like houseboats? Well, you KNOW you can't surf here anyway, just wind surfing and the parasail thing. And it's a tad cooler here. . . ;^)

Anne- Thanks very much! And I know what you mean. There was time when houseboat living here was cheap (and I was young. . .sigh).

Keropokman- Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I guess it's peaceful until a boat comes in and makes a wake.

Ame- I'm glad you liked it, and glad you like the colors. I'm curious to see your backyard now! Thanks for your wonderful comments. You are always a day brightener.

John- I'm just imagining you trying to get work done with the Duck Boats droning past ;-) When I was a kid we lived in Orange County, and the big deal would be to sail your boat past John Wayne's big picture window on Balboa and watch him watch TV in his living room! I've wondered if they people who bought the "Sleepless" floating home were crazy or just crazy-like-a-fox investors. A true "fish bowl" existance, for sure.

Thanks everyone!


Ame said...

ROLF KIM! I forgot that about JW's did you have your own boat? I was always on someone ELSE'S! Crackin me up here! LOL! And my backyard is not really a backyard but a tiny concrete patio...but all the pots, accessories & rocker/swing pillows mimic these colors! Thanks for the're fun URSELF! (=