Thursday, September 07, 2006

The OTHER Thing Under the Aurora Bridge

He's seen you, watch out!

Yes, that is a real VW Beetle in his grasp. The Fremont Troll doesn't hear The Three Billy Goats Gruff up on his bridge. Instead, he hears the hundreds of cars that zoom overhead on Hwy 99 (Aurora Avenue). He has plucked one of them down for lunch. You're NEXT!

You can read about its history and how the Troll's artist creators constructed it by clicking here. The Troll is another of Seattle's unique takes on Nordic traditions. The open air Duck Boat Tours (you may remember from here) used to drive by the Troll in years past, but not anymore. Some local tours in enclosed vans do drive right up for a close look, brave souls. If you'd like a close up from a safe distance and a more complete view check my More Seattle Stuff page.

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anne said...

Wow that statue looks very interesting! And the idea of "plucking" a car from the bridge above is very creative!

Chad Oneil said...

Cool scary troll waiting for passer byers!

Annie said...

I had no idea this was there or that there were troll legends in Seattle. My niece lived there, my brother lives nearby . . . they never mentioned anything like this. And, hey, this is something I just have to go look at. Next time I visit, guess where I'll be.

edwin s said...

Kim, you left such a heartfelt comment on KLDP. thank you so very much.

Sorry for coming by lately. Work has been all comsuming and commenting on 100 DPs...what can I say?

Looks like I've missed some awfully excellent pictures here at Seattle. I love the shot of the Epi Center Apartments. The look like stacked containers! Wonderful!

Kim said...

Thank you very much, one and all.

Nice of you to pop in, Chad--I visited your site and I bow to the master. . .what WONDERFUL WONDERFUL (I do this for empasis) WONDERFUL work at your site (everyone go and visit Chad in Florida for a treat).

Annie- sorry they held out on you! When you get back this way, be sure to contact me and we can go roaming around together, cameras in hand.

Edwin- thanks for coming by. I know what you mean about trying to keep up with 140 blogs. I feel torn not being able to visit everyone all the time. I like your analogy to stacked containers for the Epi building! Thanks a bunch,


~tanty~ said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by! Oh yes, this is a huge troll. I think I've seen it before but I'm not sure in your blog or other. Anyway, good shot!

sari said...

OMG! He's lovely! What an good idea! I don't believe this is a evil troll, maybe he has grabbed that car after it has fallen from the bridge..