Monday, October 02, 2006

Back Wall of the "Cafe Nervosa"

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I've been told, but never seen it substantiated in print, that this underground cafe served as the set model for the fictional Cafe Nervosa frequented by the Drs. Frasier and Niles Crane of the long running "Frasier" television program. It is actually known as The Elliot Bay Cafe, and sits beneath the Elliot Bay Book Company at the corner of 1st and Main Streets in the Pioneer Square district. The fictional Cafe Nervosa was supposedly at the corner of 3rd and Pike, quite a distance away, but quite near the Seattle Symphony's home, Benoroya Hall, and a short walk from the famous Public Market.


Anonymous said...

La serie 'Frasier' m'a beaucoup fait rire quand elle est passé en France. Elle continue encore ?

J'aime bien les ambiances de café, et celui ci a l'air fort sympathique

macky said...

It seems warm atmosphere.
Your photos shows that Seattle seems to have many nice Cafes, not to mention Starbucks!

Kim said...

Merci Olivier! Non, l'émission de télévision Frasier n'est produite plus. Beaucoup de touristes essaient vraiment de trouver les endroits fictifs du spectacle, cependant Ils n'existent pas ici à Seattle, seulement dans l'imagination de l'auteur.

Thank you, Macky. One thing we do not lack here are coffee places such as this. Did you know that Starbuck's can be traced back to a small shop established in the 1960s on Vine Street in Berkeley, California called Peet's Coffe & Tea? We lived in Berkeley for many years, and so heard the story from locals. I have a link to the history of Starbuck's origins in the right hand column of SDP. Now, can you tell me where "robata" style grills got started? ;^)

Anonymous said...

Kim, reading your comments are quite intellectual. Now I know Starback's untold history. :-)

luggi said...

Nice post, Kim. (Love the moreseattlestuff site.)

Annie said...

Well, isn't that interesting! I'll have to watch Frasier more closely when the reruns are on.

You remind me that I should show some sights from Little Rock that have had movie and t.v. exposure.

Rodney said...

Great shot!