Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ancient Future: Peek-A-Boo #4

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This is a 1912 statue by James Wehn of Seattle's native leader, Sealth, for whom Seattle is named. I shot this 4th "peek-a-boo with the Space Needle using his image to serve as a new visual foundation for the city's current symbol. The surrounding contemporary communication dishes seemed to pull down something important to say. Surely we are tuning SOMETHING in with all those sattelite disks and the Space Needle's reception. What greeting would we hear from Sealth today on this spot at Tilikum Place near Seattle Center if he could see how the setting has changed since his day when it was a meadow with a wide path from one village to another running through it. Would he have cooperated with European's who relegated him and the other natives to reservation land away from their birthplaces? Could he have possibly seen that Grey's Anatomy would film exteriors here?


Michael said...

Hello Kim! I really love your perspective on this. The old Indian leader with a backdrop of satellite dishes. It takes a good eye!

Olivier said...

la statue est tres belle. ta serie est superbe

the statue is very beautiful. your series is superb

Celine said...

That is simply a great photo... as are all your photos.

Kris said...

that is a strong image and interesting perspective.
Talking about Grey's anatomy, i just finished season 1 - 3 uptodate in within 2 weeks, Dr.Shephard ,oooh!

Chris & Deb said...

I've enjoyed your playful peek-a-boo series....think this is my fave!