Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bittersweets Play the High Dive in Fremont

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To see this sign lighted at night, see my More Seattle Stuff page. If talented alt bands are your kind of fun, check out the Bittersweets in a late night show at the High Dive in Fremont tonight, Saturday night. Yes, this is a shameless promotion for this SF Bay Area band I love who only make it up this way once or twice a year. They played the Tractor the last couple times they were in town, and those were great shows.
Saturday, January 20th, 2007, High Dive
Full Band Show - 10:00pm
513 N 36th, Seattle, WA
Price: $6
With Korby Lenker and Anna Coogan and North 19. They play first.

And for our friends further north, they are coming your way, too.
Sunday, January 21st, 2007
Nightlight Lounge
Full Band Show - 8:00pm
211 East Chestnut St., Bellingham, WA
Price: $5
Opening for Korby Lenker

Check out their link above or in the righthand column to hear samples, but do yourself a favor; go hear them LIVE.


Olivier said...

tres belle enseigne, tres moderne. Elle doit etre tres belle allumée le soir

very beautiful sign, very modern. It must very beautiful be lit the evening

Dsole said...

It seems an interesting show!
i'd love to go and hear them... but it's a bit far away to my home..

Michael said...

Wouldn't you love to have that sign in a big loft apartment! Really fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out. Hope you enjoy(ed) the show. Jerry (keyboards, guitar, etc.) is at home with his newborn Julian, so it's a four-piece for now.

-The Bittersweets

Ame said...

KIIIIIIIIIIIM! GF!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time no see! LOL!

AWESOME neon SIGN! LOVE neon signs!

AND OMG AGAIN! This is SOOOO WIERD! My favorite Bay Area Band is LUCE (Tom Luce, lead--their song Good Day has been in several movies!)...ANYWAY! The ONLY drummer I knew, Steve Bowman, recently moved on and no one really talked about where he went...then I'm just reading the BITTERSWEETS bio and LOOK WHO'S THERE!!


Now I know! LOL! Hey, hope he's least we had him for awhile!

Cool shot! I have to bookmark your PAGE! ;)