Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Top Pot

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Supposedly the best doughnuts in all of Seattle. I'm afraid they are lost on me. When I was in college, someone told me to hold a doughnut in my upraised fist and squeeze until the grease ran down to my elbow. Some people really know how to spoil a good thing. . .sigh. This fave hangout of the wifi set is in the Belltown neighborhood.


Celine said...

No, see, the grease disappears via the hole in the middle of the donut. Or maybe it's via the air holes in the dough. Or maybe they're just so good it's worth a bit of grease now and then. ;)

Great photo, by the way. I love neon lights.

Kim said...

Thanks Celine! Hey, what are you doing up at all hours of the night ;^)

Michael said...

Doughnuts are seen as an American speciality here in Paris, and only the plain or chocolate kind. Me, I love them, but only from time to time. What I really like in this photo is the sign. Another one to steal and hang on my wall!