Sunday, February 25, 2007

Friends of Post Alley Mural

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Colorful mural at Yessler and Post Ave.. 2002 by Billy King. Mural is on an exterior wall of a neighborhood restaurant and patrons are just visible in the large window on the left. Have a relaxing Sunday everyone!


Rajesh Dangi said...

wow, that's a nice one!!

Marie McC said...

Love it! What a lift this gives me. Outside my window today, everything is white. You'll see tomorrow.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Beautiful mural!! How's the restaurant? Is the food good?

Kim said...

Rajesh, Hey, thanks!

Marie, I hope your springtime comes soon. Plum blossoms, crocus, and daffodils are popping up here now.

Ming, Thanks. Although I didn't eat there, it looked nice. I have had very good luck dining out in Seattle. . .many great places to enjoy.

Olivier said...

je trouve tres belle cette peinture murale. avec toutes les peintures rurales misent sur DP on devrait faire une Galerie : visiter le monde par ces peintures rurales et grafitis.

I find very beautiful this mural. with all rural paintings misent on DP one should make a Gallery: to visit the world by these rural paintings and grafitis.