Monday, February 26, 2007

Utilikilts in Action

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Best viewed large (click the photo, click "all sizes", click large). I just glimpsed three guys all wearing Utilikilts walking down an alley in the distance. They appeared to be wheeling a big trash container. I barely got the camera out in time to catch this brief sighting. You may remember this picture from last summer and these and these which got a lot of fun comments. That old building is torn down now, and the business moved to Pioneer Square. I've seen people wearing Utilikilts around town, but never had a camera with me, and this time too far away for a detailed shot. Time for that new lens, eh!

It might interest you to know that the cafe and night spot to the left, The Merchant's Cafe, is supposedly the west coast's oldest restaurant, in the same Yessler Way location since 1890. It's currently undergoing remodeling and will reopen in May.


Anonymous said...

I take your word for it about the Utilikilts. I followed your directions to see a large picture but on my mac it only stayed this same size. So I have no idea was a Utilikilts is. Nice photo though.

Ben said...

Love this photo. Great street scene.

Kim said...

Abraham, Thanks for trying! and for the visit. You can click the links in the text portion to see older photos I've taken of utilikilts. I'm not sure why my Flickr page wouldn't cooperate with your Mac platform. . .sigh. Best to you!

Ben, Thank you very much. I always appreciate when you and Meg drop in from your magical NZ for a peek up here in the northern hemisphere.

Dsole said...

Hi there,
I don't have a Mac but i can see the large size of your photo :)
I love this kind of photo, the street the people, really like it!

Dsole said...

oh, i almost forgot.. this Utilikilts are common in Seattle? I 've never seen anything like this!