Sunday, March 11, 2007

In the Cheerful Cafe

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We had an excellent lunch in this downstairs cafe at Pike Place Market. There was an interesting view of Belltown buildings, the bay and Olympics beyond, but what caught my eye above the cafe's dish stacks and service counter was this cheerful old print and a sprinkler head ring that has slipped a bit. Have a restful Sunday! And HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY to Eric at Paris Daily Photo!

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Dsole said...

Hi there Kim!
There were 3 days without coming to Seattle DP and love your last photos!
I'm glad that you're going to reach 3rd in Metroblogging.. you deserve it absolutely!!

Mara Applebaum said...

Kim, mazel tov, you're at 70 percent in the polls! I've linked to you on my own blog. Thank you for your *wonderful* pictures. They absolutely make my week.

Kim said...

Dsole, Hey, thank you so much! I always appreciate your stopping by. I wish I could visit you as often, but life won't permit much of that at present. I do love seeing Madrid when I can! I hope you are having a great week!

Mara, many thanks. And thank you also for linking to this blog. I'm glad you enjoy it. I'm wishing you well in your en devours working with people in such a significant way. I've been weighing for several years the decision to enter graduate work and can appreciate the work you are putting into reaching the end of your PhD journey. Best to you!

Melbourne said...

Cheery cafe indeed. It certainly makes you feel like a cold beer!

Geologychick said...

Love the shot! Too cool! Check out my Blog for some B&Ws of my baby girl! :)