Friday, March 16, 2007

"X" Marks the Spot

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Playing with the Space Needle again: I was walking downhill when this X of wires suddenly came in view across the Space Needle. It was a rainy, gray spring day, plum blossom spice on the breeze. Today is warm and sunny, the birds are singing, the bulbs in the garden are finally starting to bloom. Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Michelle said...

I really like all of your shots. This one's especially nice--I like the trees, the way they draw the eye down toward the bay (at least I think it's the bay--I've never been to Seattle) and up to the Needle. They frame the Needle very well.

Also, you've educated me. I thought the Needle was in downtown Seattle--most pics make it look that way. XD!

Very nice.

Pat said...

Wonderful blossoms! Just a great capture.

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Kim said...

Michelle, thank you so much. I'm glad you like it and it gave you a new perspective on the Needle. The two most popular places to photograph the Seattle skyline do give that impression. One is Kerry Park lookout on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill, very close to the Needle, so it's in the foreground and the high rises and Mt. Rainier are behind in the view (I was just up there tonight and there were a zillion photographers out on this first clear warm spring evening). The other is a roadside vista over in West Seattle that looks back over Elliot Bay toward the city skyline and there are buildings in front of the Needle from that vantage point. Easy to think its in the thick of all those buildings.

Pat, Thank you. Today the whole city smelled of plum blossoms in the first warm truly spring-like day of the year.