Saturday, March 17, 2007

Vintage Pumps & Somebody's Pot o' Gold

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Happy St. Paddy's from Seattle (where it's a big deal!). Hey, there was a rainbow when I was out on a rainy day walk, so I followed it to the end and this is where it led. Gas hit over $3.00/gal in Seattle again this week (the high gas prices of last summer were lowered throughout the US before the November elections). These old pumps are not self-serve, but the gas/oil companies with record profits in the billions the last couple years sure seem to be ;^) . Here in the western US most gas stations are set up for customers to pump their own fuel, with the huge exception of Oregon where I got a weird look and a rude awakening, "You must be from out of state, miss. We're strictly full service in Oregon. It's against the law for you to pump your own." But here in Seattle, this full service station in the Capitol Hill neighborhood is the exception. I think the pumps are so vintage they don't have the required health safeguards of newer self-service pumps.

So, are prices going up again where you live, too?


John said...

Just paid $2.72 for premium, which is up about $0.25 in the last 2 weeks. The most expensive locally is about $2.90.

Geologychick said...

Over $3.05/gal here in Southern California! Yikes!

Kim said...

Is Silver Spring inside the Beltway? Still looking like ours were a month ago. I'm really glad our car doesn't take premium.

So, for us westcoasties up here and down there things seem to be tracking the same right now.

pastorrick said...

$3.00 for gas! Yikes I just filled up my car and thought it was kind of high at $2.30 a gallon.

John said...

Downtown Silver Spring is inside the Beltway, most of the Silver Spring Zip Codes are outside.

Congrats on the 3rd place.