Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crows Defending Nest From Young Bald Eagle

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Best viewed large. Two big crows boldly dive-bombed a young bald eagle that was eying something they had in a madrona tree on the Magnolia neighborhood's north shore. I'm guessing it was their nest of eggs, but didn't see it from my vantage point. We were out for our evening walk on Tuesday and noticed all this up-close bird action in a madrona tree in the parkway that overlooks the bluff. This was just after we had watched a Cooper's hawk circling on the evening wind. For those of you who are birders, during our two evening walks through the Magnolia neighborhood this week we saw two mature bald eagles, two young bald eagles, a Cooper's hawk, a spotted towhee, black capped chickadees, crows, gulls, and sparrows (you can see their photos at my Flickr page). I've been on the lookout to show you a great blue heron, Seattle's official city bird, but haven't had a camera when I've seen them.


Abraham Lincoln said...

It seems like you have had a lot of nice visitors lately. I just have the Coopers Hawks here in Ohio.

Emily said...

There's a great blue heron that hangs out in the penguin enclosure at the Woodland Park Zoo!

Thanks for your blog! I lived in Seattle for 4 years and it's nice to visit every day via your blog. I miss the emerald city!

wendolen said...

When did the state bird change from being the goldfinch?

santy said...

oh no... I remember one crow flying fast and low, almost hit my head when I was walking down mount baker neighborhood. it was scary!

Kim said...

Abraham, You are the inspiration for me taking more bird shots. If you visit my Flickr site set called "Plants & Animals" you can see my attempts. Wish I could capture them like you do! I was excited to see a Cooper's Hawk on Tuesday!

Emily, thanks for that tip, and glad you enjoy a daily dose of Seattle's environs. Thanks for visiting!

Wendolen, Hey, thanks for the correction and the link. The Goldfinch is the state bird. The great blue heron is the official City Bird of Seattle. I haven't had my camera handy when I've seen a goldfinch, either, but have spotted those lovely birds several times.

Santy, Glad you were missed! We've been amazed at how numerous crows are in Seattle. I've seen crows go after each other, and I've seen mocking birds and humming birds attack cats, but this was a first to see them take on a raptor. You can tell how big the young eagle was, since you know first hand how big the local crows are. They had a healthy fear of Jr., but still held their turf and the eagle finally flew away.

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