Monday, June 11, 2007

Evening Commute on the Interurban

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The shop windows across the street cast a warm glow behind Waiting for the Interurban, a sculpture that the community enjoys dressing up. It is newly reinstalled in its old location after conclusion of street renovations that caused it to be moved down the street to Heritage House for a number of months. There, it seemed lonely and neglected, and I never saw any attention paid it. Now it is back in the limelight just north of the Fremont bridge and once again a truly interactive piece of public art.


Strangetastes said...

I love this statue. It's a reason to visit Ballard all by all by itself. Is it true that the figures are always dressed up with something? The last time I saw it, the figures were wearing with a University of Washington football theme.

Now you should go under the Fremont Bridge and show the world The Troll.


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Kim said...

Bob, Thanks for the comment! Actually these commuters are in Fremont, not Ballard. And if you look in the archieves you will find the Fremont troll makes an appearance there! It is under the Aurora bridge in Fremont.

Strangetastes said...

Oops, sorry. Getting my Seattle neighborhoods mixed up. I have a couple of close friends in Ballard and Wallingford and I may get disoriented in what's where. But this statue is wonderful - every time I go by there it's dressed differently, sort of like Mannequin Pis in Brussels (but much larger and not so naughty).

I will definitely check your troll pix.

Kate said...

What fun! I love it when local wags take it upon themselves to do something like this; sure beats vandalism!! Love the hats!

Steve Buser said...

The color accessorizing really catches your eye -- otherwise you might not give it a second glance because it is so drab..

Lavenderlady said...

Love the hat!

SeattleBrad said...

Awesome shot!