Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Real Change Vendor

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Out in front of a Pioneer Square cafe, a Real Change vendor waits for customers. Here in Seattle this is the "street sheet" that impoverished or homeless people can obtain for $0 .35 a copy and sell for $1.00 to raise personal income. There are 200 vendors throughout the city who make the paper available in front of popular businesses.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Your photo brings home the fact that not everyone is living at the same income level. And I think it is nice that the Real Change newspaper exists enabling those who want to, can earn some money honestly. Nice photo.

I have 1 baby raccoon today and a pile of poop!
Brookville Daily Photo

Kate said...

The alternative presses are doing a brisk business everywhere, or so it seems, and they often take on the news that the regular media ignores. This newspaper certainly is needed in more than Seattle; many cities would benefit, I think, if there were more of this kind of information outlet.

Geologychick said...

That's really awesome! Cool pict and good story to go along! Thanx!

Mike said...

I am really enjoying the portraits. Seattle really is a nice town to people watch.

REENblack said...

Great picture and information! That is encouraging that at least one city is doing something to help people that really need it!