Monday, August 06, 2007

Blue Angels Personell

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I happened upon a mob of more than ten men and women from the Navy's Blue Angels team who were pouring out of their downtown accommodations late Sunday afternoon after three days of jet air shows above Lake Washington during Seafair. At first I thought they were all paramedics leaving some sort of training session, and by the time I was close enough to read their insignia, most had passed me. These four were the last out the door and were headed up the street, presumably to their transportation out of town. None of the four were pilots during the show, as their patches indicate supporting roles. Still, people ran up to them about a 1/2 block from here and I watched them kindly drop their duffles and pose arms behind back for pictures with people on the street.


Lavenderlady said...

Look at the shine on those shoes! What a nice photo.

Rambling Round said...

Lucky you! Now we know what they look like!

iBlowfish said...

Nice shot!

Ryan said...

angels= those guys
angles= geometry


Kim said...

Ryan. . .thanks for the sharp eyes. I missed those. A good copy editor is always needed 'round here.

Nora, Rambling, Iblowfish, Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the "nice guy" on the right is giving you the finger? :)

Kim said...

Nah, Anon, I hadn't. Interesting observation, though. Lemme 'splain something: As they approached and I realized they were Blue Angels crew and not paramedics, I turned on the camera and said as I started to shoot, "Would you mind if I took your photo?" All four of them had sunglasses hooked into a button hole on their lapels. They were responding, "Sure," to me and the instantaneous reaction of all of them was to reach up to their left lapel and remove the sunglasses. . .it must be a Navy regulation for them or somethign. When some tourists noticed me photographing them and started to also take photos and pose with the guys, they dropped their duffles and each put their arms behind their backs, holding their sunglasses there. I can assure you the finger gesture you point out is just the guy reaching to remove his sunglasses from the lapel button hole, nothing more. I didn't notice this until I uploaded the photos, as the first few shots show each had a pair of sunglasses hanging there, and the next shots show them being removed and going into what I suppose is regulation pose. They were all nice guys to stop for people, and I bet it was a pretty common part of their "jobs" to interface with the public like that.